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About Us

Goh Yu Han, Design Director

Goh Yu Han is the Director of Design at Salad Dressing. She is a Malaysian-born landscape architect with a background in Arts and has been associated with the practice since its inception.

Yu Han’s design philosophy is driven by her intrinsic interest in art history and eastern literature. As a polymath, she inhabits the definition of a generalist and flirts with concepts of a post humanist driven ecology through her work. She believes that any inequality in this period of time will be the main value change - from slavery, to the fight against sexism, to the current ecological struggle against speciesism.


As the design director, she led various award-winning projects and exhibitions such as the Singapore Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Enabling Village Singapore, <Rewilding the Sky> in Venice Biennale and Melbourne Design Week, and Alila Dalit Bay Malaysia.

Chang Huai-Yan, Founder

Chang Huai-yan is the founder of Salad Dressing, an award-winning design studio based in Singapore. He leads a practice that leverages on the flux of humanity during this post-Anthropocene transition.


Huai-yan is inspired by contemporary culture that is defined by information technology, genomic science and cosmic explorations. Through magnifying human’s original limited cognitive ability through machines, the studio challenges a change in bio-ethnics.