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The notion of ‘Rewilding the Sky’ emerges from the rise of taller, denser skyscrapers which reflect both our desires and anxieties. The rooftop garden is now a popular trend in landscape architecture design. Building upon the totem of anthropocentrism, our talk speculates on how these rooftop spaces can offer more than just artificial land driven by capitalism. Can a skyscraper leave a positive legacy in the strata of geology?

‘Rewilding the sky’ describes new altruism in which we can share our environment and spaces with other living beings - both physical and digital. As a landscape architecture practice, we deal with the life science of negotiating between humans and other living beings.

We continually reassess our relationship with nature and the processes of co-evolution. With the advancement of technology, complex algorithms and big data enables us to see into the future, as well as the deep time to re-examine our existence and values.

Our aspirations for the future is for all to leave a little space in your hearts and minds to accept new ways of thinking, and eventually rewilding the minds to create a more equitable future for all, through design. 

You can view our lecture on "Rewilding the Sky" below 

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