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by Salad Dressing

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A rewilding project by Salad Dressing

Square Forest is a visionary project that aims to transform urban environments into geometric, biodiverse landscapes.


Each self-sustaining plot ranges in size from 1x1m to 9x9m, featuring only curated native plant species, including rare and endangered ones, and potential nesting habitats. By promoting biodiversity and reducing the risk of invasive species, Square Forest demonstrates the potential of small-scale solutions to address larger environmental challenges.


With its focus on promoting sustainability and transforming cities into thriving ecosystems, "Square Forest" represents a new standard for sustainable urban design, poised to revolutionize urban landscapes around the world.

"The birth and rebirth of rainforest taught me that 'nothing' doesn't mean absence."

Square Forest vs Gardens

The difference between Square Forest and a Garden is the scale and complexity of the environment. A Garden is usually a small, carefully curated space with a limited number of plants, often designed primarily for aesthetic appeal. The Square Forest, on the other hand, is a large, complex ecosystem with a variety of native plant species, often created to provide ecological benefits to an urban area. The Square Forest typically includes a much larger number and variety of trees and other plants, as well as a more complex network of habitats for birds, insects, and other wildlife. The goal of the Square Forest is to create a more sustainable, green environment that provides benefits such as improved air quality, reduced urban heat island effect, and increased biodiversity.


Marina Bay, Singapore

‘Zero’ incorporates two diametrically opposed meanings: it indicates that this void is invisible, yet packed with energy.

Forest 00 is a 9 x 9m sized prototype constructed in the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore to test bed our ideas. It features more than 90 species of plants and a secret outer world hideout. 

Digital Umwelt

The Square Forest is a collaboration of endless potential.

Through the use of digital technologies we are able to see through other living beings, unlocking potential areas in research & collection of data points contributing towards research into forests and ecosystems in urban environments.

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The Other Polarity 

Leave Nothing Behind

If we built a dense yet livable space filled with urban forests, we can let the rest of the unused land untouched. This allows nature to heal & restore. The majestic qualities of the rainforest leaves awe and much for us to learn from. Yet distrupting the rainforest has harmful effects on the ecosystem.


Can we built temporary rest areas for such explorations?


Can we leave nothing behind? 

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Leave Nothing Behind

Treetop Cinema, Borneo Malaysia by Salad Dressing

Lets Collaborate

Lets make the next Square Forest a reality. 

Our team collaborates with multi-disciplinary experts from diverse backgrounds such as architects, engineers, ecologist, economist and academics, enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of services including design and build, curation, landscape architecture, place-making, art installations and research implementation.

With over 20 years of experience in project implementation, we take pride in our successful collaborations with private, institutional, and governmental clients across a variety of scales internationally. 

Contact us & let's talk! 

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